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Swarovski Optik

That is our philosophy at starMed

Only a strong team delivers strong products

You ask – we answer: You can access expert advice on all our products by calling our highly qualified callback hotline.  An experienced starMed employee will take you from A to Z and help you select the right starMed loupe glasses for you.  After initial consultation on the telephone, our specialist will come to you to assess the specific factors in your working environment. Your very own starMed loupe glasses will then be created using data such as working distance and required magnification factor. Our team of opticians is available to answer any specific queries regarding vision correction.

Proven Partners +  high-quality materials + top-class manufacturing = optimum product

We work closely with the developers and the support of Carl Zeiss Vision to produce our starMed loupe glasses.  Together, we concentrate on optimising existing products and developing new ones.  All our lenses come from SCHOTT AG. All other materials are also supplied exclusively by well-known, quality manufacturers and are, of course, CE compliant.

Call us on +49 (0) 80 92-85 04 47 or use our free callback service!