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ZEISS saphiro2

Weight 11 g
System Portable LED light
Brightness control Continuously dimmable
Power supply Plug-in Li-Ion battery
Operating temperature Max. 35°C
Optional accessories Adaptable to all standard loupe glasses

Saphiro2 LED illumination system: compact and powerful

The Saphiro2 LED illumination system is the perfect complement to all the head-worn loupes and loupe glasses from Carl Zeiss Vision.

The powerful LED technology illuminates your work area perfectly with a light spectrum similar to daylight, which means you can perform tasks where you need to recognise details with precision more easily and more accurately. All this without limiting the user’s freedom of movement.

Great comfort – thanks to:

  • Low weight
  • Compact design
  • Battery power supply



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Lights from ZEISS

You only get the maximum benefit from loupe glasses and head-worn loupes when combined with additional lighting. The Saphiro² LED illumination system from ZEISS meets that need for more light. The products are also made from the highest-quality materials and to the highest manufacturing standards.