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starLight nano3


14 g


Portable LED light

Brightness control

Continuously dimmable

Power supply

Plug-in Li-Ion battery

Operating temperature

Max. 35°C

Optional accessories

Adaptable to all standard loupe glasses

starLight nano3– powerful lighting with three LEDs

The compact body of the lamp contains 3 LEDs – one white and two coloured. The white LED guarantees optimal illumination of the treatment area. The amber/orange LED is suitable for composite processing, thereby preventing the activator from reacting prematurely. Alternatively, a blue or green LED is available.

Blue assists you to make composite residue visible while the green LED is beneficial for surgical use. An additional colour filter is thus no longer necessary.

The lamp is operated intuitively by pressing buttons. The strength of the LED’s light can be adjusted smoothly. Like the other members of the starLight family, the Nano 3 can be adapted to all current loupe glasses.


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Lights from starMed

In the beginning was light: In close cooperation with leading dentists, we developed a revolutionary LED light unit as long ago as 2003. Thanks to constant further development and optimisation of our lighting and by using the latest materials and technologies, we can deliver the right solutions to meet exacting requirements.

The portable starLight nano was put through its paces in daily use at many dental clinics and operating theatres and is now a fixture on the market.