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From the dentist to the surgeon

Loupe glasses from starMed are perfect for a wide range of applications in dental, human and veterinary medicine, but are also often used in the technical sector. In addition to the protection provided by the lenses, the loupes are ideal for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It is not without reason that many students, while still in training, come to appreciate the unique advantages of our loupe glasses – and go on to stay with starMed for many years after graduation.

Personal consultation for your personal loupe glasses

An experienced starMed employee will come to your workplace to carry a personal consultation and analysis. Our team of opticians is available to answer any queries regarding poor eyesight. Your loupe glasses can then by very accurately tailored to your working conditions and your work environment. Loupe glasses have no impact on your vision. However, if your vision becomes worse over time, the lenses can be easily adjusted to correct your vision.

We are happy to adjust your personal loupe glasses at any time. Use our free callback service for a personal consultation!