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Comfort and starMed

starMed loupe glasses are light to wear and beautiful to look at

Comfort is very important if you are going to work and be completely relaxed. Our loupe glasses have an extremely low total weight – they are among the lightest loupe glasses on the market.

But look and feel has also been taken into account in the design of our loupe glasses, in addition to ergonomics and functionality. The attractive and sporty design of our high-quality loupe glasses is just as impressive as their ergonomics and functionality. Poor eyesight can be corrected at any time by correcting the eyesight in the protective lenses or behind the lenses with a separate correction insert.

Do you have any questions about our loupe glasses? Our product specialists would be happy to provide you with detailed advice on your situation.  Make an appointment by calling: +49 (0) 80 92 - 85 04 47