3.2-8.0 head-worn loupe ks from ZEISS

System Flip-up system, 14 different optical systems
Design Headband
Frame size individually adjustable
Magnification 3.2x to 8.0x
Working distance 190-500 mm
Optional accessories starLight with adapter

3.2-8.0 KS head-worn loupe from

Thanks to excellent image quality, wide fields of vision, 14 different optical systems with magnifications from 3.2x to 8x and working distances from 190 to 500 mm, the KF head-worn loupes from ZEISS are ideal for many applications in medicine and technology. The optical system can be swivelled out of the field of vision and back into working position as necessary. The KS head-worn loupe from ZEISS also delivers a high level of comfort thanks to a support system (headband) which can be adjusted to fit any head shape.

We recommend lenses from ZEISS for any necessary vision correction. 


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Loupe glasses from ZEISS

The loupe glasses and head-work loupes from ZEISS make the smallest details and the finest structures visible. Better sight facilitates your work and enables you to diagnose and treat patients better. ZEISS products give you excellent quality, top-class manufacturing and durability.

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