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The starMed philosophy – honest, fair and good.

  • Competent and honest advice
  • Fair prices
  • Top quality
  • No call centres or annoying calls
  • No cold calls
  • No pushy behaviour
  • No sham products that have just been relabelled
  • No sham products that are then sold at inflated prices
  • All our products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany

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starMed Produktpalette erweitert

Geschafft - unsere neue, responsive Website ist online. Wir haben unser starMed Brillenangebot deutlich für Sie erweitert. So ist nun jedes starMed-Lupenbrillenmodell in vier Fassungsvarianten und...

starMed – medical technology for the most demanding applications

starMed is a manufacturer of high quality loupe glasses and lights for ZEISS, dentists and medical practitioners.

Loupe glasses – for optimum vision, stress-free working and superb results. Our custom-made loupe glasses combine the latest technology with elegant design and precision manufacturing for:

Loupe glasses – and more

Besides loupe glasses, starMed’s innovative product range is constantly growing as we are inspired by the specific demands our customers face.

If you have any queries, please just ask. Use our free callback service!


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